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partition open at the top to the air of the staircase. Running

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in 1890, that is to say, no less than thirty years after he first

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or 23 per cent., caught the disease, whilst of the 736 unvacci-

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less material. Consequently, it is not the normal and

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examinations should be made to discover the earliest signs of

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antivaccinator had been put upon it, though the people wliose

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Quassia and Soft Soap, e'c—Vor the rendering of the leaves

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phined for disease or the remote effects of injury, with two

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where the vaccination marks were good, whilst the deaths per

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right iliac fossa. On operation a quantity of fretid pus was

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The New York Engineering Magazine for May gives the place

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Mr. R. Clement Lucas writes to us with reference to a para-

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has carried out successfully a delivery by division of the

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good and rapid metliod of curing chlorosis is another matter.

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as Mr. Robson remarks, it has many advantages ; for,

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Mr. Hopwoop wished to know whether the hon. gentleman

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Hospital; E. R. Barton, Univer-sity College; F. s. Batcliclov, Guy's

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pay. May 3rd. Entering the sen-ice as Assistant-Surgeon April 1st, 1.S71.

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King's College, London ; or of St. Mary's Hospital Medical College. We

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The incisions employed to reach the pus in these and other

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work. Almost complete safety can be insured in most trades

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attention has been given, and concerning which a good deal

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the curd to be broken up, and the vessel to be placed on a hot

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08 about a quarter of an inch apart, and so dense and hard

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your annotation about the eyes of Peruvian mummies being the crystal-

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Mr. Lawfoed Knagos read this paper. Mrs. , aged 44,

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introduced an improved form of stethoscope, which they

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FINAL Examination. W. E. Jones, P. Gradsenski, k. Bronte, W. D.

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being struck by the large use that is made there of the

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MILLS, John, MB., appointed Assistant Resident Medical Superintendent

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remaining 10 have been attacked by it. The 10 performed the

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inches from the caput ca;2um. One small silk suture firmly

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Pertierra, by Cienfuegos. Thus, with Drs. Alonso Rubio and

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ligatured above and below, a cure resulting. Arguing from

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in Salford, 24.0 in Bolton, and 27.1 in Liverpool. In the thirty -two provin-

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hours afterwards the opiate had to be repeated, and she then

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tion long ago made by Dr. Liveing— that when children were-

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this disease is may be seen by comparing this figure with the figures for

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ministration, and medicinal action not only of the more com-