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a half in diameter, and of firm consistence. Their most frequent seat is
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rarely directly fatal ; yet indirectly it frequently causes death. It is dan-
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monary oedema or from urinary suppression. During the advanced stage
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almost every where in nature except perhaps in mid-sea or at very high
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slimy, or frothy, but always lluitl ; occasionally they contain fajcal niatter
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will be seen little red or yellowish-white points ; these little points are sim-
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or muscular contractions. The disease begins as a rapidl}
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watery. It is usually of a light straw color, having a faint greenish opal-
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laginous feel. There are large nodules on its surface, the tumors often
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usually comes on about tiio second day; the vomited matters at first con-
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extension of the exudation may be arrested by the destruction of its local
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more, the irritation set up by the abnormal condition of the bony frame-
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which would prevent the union by first intention, is the presence of
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and a tendency to sighing respiration. Very soon after the palpitation has
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circulation is slowed. Local or general obstruction and a varicose condi-
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consisted of olein and margarin, with slight traces of cholcsterin and
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Mucoid degeneration is frequently met with in the intervertebral and
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tubular structure, and a consequent atrophy of all the other structures.
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preferably done by a weight and pulley, the extension being made on the
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ous ; hemorrhages in advanced phthisis may be the immediate cause of
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cavity may be partly or completely filled with fluid. The entire i)leura
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months— are muco-purulent. When shreds of elastic tissue are found, it
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aorta and its branches within the thorax, or from the pulmonary artery.
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the anterior fold of the axilla. Preternatural mobility is very evident
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the decreased resisting power which we must assume the nerve centres pos-
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mal-assimilation, wasting ami inanition would also Ijc present in such cases.
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pneumonia, pulmonary oedema, and chronic bronchitis. Death occurs from
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fection. Second attacks are exceedingly rare. The exact time in the
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other tumors of the ovary may be made out by a careful examination.
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ce^ts; 10. Exp'^ndita'C: II. General Balance Sheet.
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During the second week the temperature remains at about the same maxi-
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with the streptoccocus pyogenes of Rosenbach. It often produces pus
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nsefol members of the commnnity ; " and he directed that the students should
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regard it as a different type of measles from that which ordinarily pre-
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— Scarlet Fever. — Measles. — German Measles. — Miliary Fever. — Influ-
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is that the limb below is cold, congested, and often ill-nourished.