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independent of season, and is infectious only by imitation — it is a mimetic

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(a) Immerse for 10 minutes in 70 percent ethyl alcohol.

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case runs such a fixed and definite course, that it is hard to believe

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subcutaneous dose of 1 c.c. of digipuratum and under A^ a day on which the

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i.e. after the animal has been immunised it does not matter where the

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to make the concentration at first somewhat more than the exact

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(3) Enriched media are usually prepared by adding blood,

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in infectious disease, and the predilection of this form of en-

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d. Decolorize in two changes of 1 percent hydrochloric acid

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instances areas of more or less extensive consolidation of a lung

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up to 500 ml and store in a brown bottle. (Commercial

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Patients of this group are of an apprehensive and suggestible