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Flying free: the best of nude travel


Flying free: the best of nude travel

“The first thing everyone does when they come home is take their shoes off, I say that we just take a bit more off,” Australian Naturist Federation Vice President Jackie Fuller says.

At a time when interest in naturism has declined in Australia, National Nude Week takes place in late November this year and the headline event is Sunnies Nude Cruise in Queensland. Running for nine years, the event is a sell-out and attracts 150 nudists.

But it’s not just Australia offering naturist travel options. It’s all about the bare necessities with this travel trend and certain hotspots around the world are tapping into this buff market.

“If I had the money I would be inclined to travel aboard to destinations that cater for nudists, I would love to visit Cap D’Age Naturist Village in France,” Fuller said.

But it’s not enough to entice nudists abroad by the promise of open-minded beaches. Travel organisers are pulling out all the stops to lure no-clothes enthusiasts with activities such as cruising, golf and hiking.

Here are the international naturist hotspots:


No-one knows who invented nude hiking, but Germany vies for the honour. A 13 km trail dedicated to those in pursuit of an even tan is at The Harz. Warning signs for clothed hikers mark the track to avoid any awkward encounters.


Koversada in Croatia is one of the world’s oldest holiday destination for those who like to free style. Since 1961 more than 5000 liberated tourists head here for their summer break.


Go starkers on safari at Harmony Nature Farm near Johannesburg, where travellers can truly get back to nature.


The Big Nude Boat Cruise sets sail from Fort Lauderdale to the Panama Canal in a world record attempt. Three thousand uninhibited cruisers will take in the sights of Mexico along the way.


Balls will fly at the world’s only golf course for naturists at the resort of La Jenny in Bordeaux, France.


Sunnies Nude Cruise will be held at Moreton Bay and in NSW at the Swinging Balls Shield challenge on Samurai Beach at Port Stephens.


Marlborough’s River Queen is hosting a liberated dinner cruise through the Cloudy Bay wine region on February 16, 2013. The following day is the annual Nude Golf International, where the swinging does not stop at the golf clubs.