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ofien seen in persona who have had repeated attacks of ague.

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tional director. Invitations were sent to 416 members; 107

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to occur, and successive acute attacks of tonsillitis tend to cause permanent

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quarter of a grain of morphine had no effect, and it was thought

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In these later days there is increasing belief in the theory, which

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It is, indeed, a curious but incontrovertible fact,

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from muscle cell to muscle cell, but Nothnagel insists that nervous

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controlled. On admission this child had weighed 7 lb.

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may also influence serum electrolytes. Warning signs irrespective of cause are: Dryness of

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with uneasiness of sei sation, loss of power, and other ner-

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perusal of the book we have no hesitation in affirming

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Followed by tincture cantharides 5th day, rabbit died

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thelium of the alveoli, and are characterized by their

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fever. Shortly after the recovery of these patients, my friends, Drs. J. H.

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of an insensitive iron vise, and that blades operated by screws and levers

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ing the depressed bone, I cannot help thinking that they bear the rela-

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tended ; it was not a difficult one. In a few hours the child was born,

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cornea just ahovo the centre, with a rather wide zone

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cubic centimeters of the fluid to flow on to a Loffler

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of Hospital Administi-ation in relation to Infectious Diseases, may

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cream rose during transportation and was pipetted off, and to it wa^

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salicylic acid, dusted with iodoform powder, and reposition was

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the Irish and Scotch Boards if tlicy did not succeed in forming-

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is attended with an expectoration of mucus, which is at first thin,

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as it does to inflammation as the cause of the local s;-mptoms. Tlie pubc-