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The journalists

Here at Voyager we’re not satisfied with ‘most journalists’. We only deal with the best travel journalists so that the magazine can bring you some of the most informative, inspirational and thought provoking stories around. That’s why all of our journalist are in house staff members, no freelancers, no bludging – just complete editorial integrity.

Dan Uglow

With over 10 years experience as a travel journalist in the UK and Australia, Dan has travelled throughout all seven continents as well venturing inside both the Antarctic and Arctic circles. Dan, an multi-award-winning journalist, was one of the first travel journalists on the ground when the tsunamis hit Thailand. He is also a highly regarded photographer with his photos published in magazines and newspapers throughout the world. Here’s his photographic glimpse into Sri Lanka

Steve Jones

Renowned as Australia’s premier travel industry news journalist and the editor of Travel Today, Steve has been enjoying the pleasures of cruising for over 15 years. Steve’s intimate knowledge of the vessels visiting Australia and the brands behind them is second to none. In the most recent issue of Voyager Steve takes you inside Cunard’s legendary ocean liner, Queen Mary 2

Richie Kenzie

Having spent substantial time in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia leading up to last year’s Arab Spring – which saw the region’s dictators overthrown during civil uprisings – Richie is Voyager’s aficionado on the complexities of the Middle East. During the sweltering heat of August he visited Dubai to see how this most modern city still cherishes its Islamic traditions.

Louise Wallace

Rubbing shoulders with Oprah during her whirlwind visit to Australia, interviewing Richard Branson and scaling sheer cliffs are all in a day’s work for Louise. This year alone she’s travelled through four different continents to bring you the most thought-provoking stories around, including this issue’s analysis on the environmental impact of travel to the world’s most pristine location, Antarctica (LINK).

Tara Harrison

At just one week of age, a tiny Tara took her first flight and ever since then the ink on her passport has barely dried. With five years of living and travelling in Europe under her belt, Tara brings intimate knowledge of the secrets of great Spanish cities, where she indulged in exploding olives, rosemary ice cream and cotton candy trees, all in the name of research.

Justin Wastnage

To date Justin has visited 72 countries and that insight enables him to be one of the leading commentators on travel in the country. In 2010 Justin was awarded Travel Writer of the Year he brings you an unrivalled analysis of travel’s biggest moral hot potato – Burma (LINK). 

Caroline Adam

Last year alone Voyager’s resident destination expert has covered over 180,000kms (the equivalent to flying around the world five times) in her search for the hottest holiday hotspots. Caroline is a particular expert on Asia and especially China, which is why she’s so passionate for the ancient city of Xian (LINK).