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The colour of the Cook Islands


Scattered over 2.2 million square kilometres of pure blue ocean, 15 fragments of land make up the Cook Islands – also known as paradise. This is a country where there are no traffic lights, one roundabout and every tourist gets an official Cook Island driver’s licence. 

It is believed that the islands were first settled during the sixth century by Polynesian people who negotiated 1000km of open ocean from Tahiti. Since then the islands have fallen under the guardianship of Britain and New Zealand, but now the country is very much in command of its own destiny.

Thousands of years of Polynesian culture await visitors here. Floral dresses adorn larger than life matriarchs, the strum of a ukulele is heard on a daily basis and the locals have a genuine spiritual connection with the jaw-droppingly beautiful islands.

Above all, time has no meaning. Here scowls of the overworked are replaced with beaming smiles. In a land of stunning beaches and swaying palm trees, it’s not hard to imagine why.

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