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A photographic journey through Sri Lanka



A teardrop shaped island adrift in the northern Indian Ocean, the nation of Sri Lanka has been a place of much sorrow in recent years.

From 1983 until 2009, a 26 year conflict between the Sinhalese government forces and the Tamil Tigers separatist group raged.

The resultant civil strife is estimated to have claimed the lives of between 60,000 & 100,000 people.

Despite this troubling modern day chapter, the island possesses great and often overlooked beauty.

The former capital, Colombo, located on the south west coast, is a mixture of ancient port and modern commercial city.

An offshoot of the Silk Road, traders seeking the prized locally grown cinnamon have been visiting here for over
2000 years.

But perhaps Sri Lanka's greatest claim to fame is its peerless Ceylon tea.

The cool, rain-soaked central highlands around the serene city of Kandy are a tea growing utopia and the blends grown here are considered among the world's finest.

In fact, the commodity accounts for 12% of the country's Gross Domestic Product and generates around $700 million in revenue annually.

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